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Maker's Habitat is a creative space that hosts arts and craft workshops in a bright and cheerful setting in Plaza Damas, KL. It is run by two childhood friends, Ching and Eileen, who share the same love of making their own things and are passionate about enabling people to discover their super power of creating good things with their hands, whether they are rich, poor, educated, academically-challenged, able-bodied, physically-challenged, straight, trans or just plain happy :)

As part of enabling people, we are privileged to be part of Crafugees, a social enterprise in collaboration with UNHCR, aiming to make a difference in the lives of our refugees. We are involved in teaching the refugees the art and skill of sewing, creating handcrafted products for sale. To support their cause and learn more about their mission, check out their Facebook Page.

Ching is our resident Master Maker and sewing guru of Sew Much Awesome. She has a long history of making things. She first started sewing at 13, thanks to her mum (the ultimate sewing guru!). Like most of us, she had trouble fitting into ready-made-wear, the solution - make it yourself! And thus, what started our as a hobby became a real career. Ching is a certified sewing instructor and has been running Sew Much Awesome workshops for over 3 years. She's all about modern sewing, and that’s what you’re going to get with at her workshops - you'll learn how to sew good garments in the shortest amount of time possible through proven, easy-to-learn methods that will equip you with contemporary sewing techniques and tricks. She also designs a range of sewing patterns and accessories, and has manufactured her own line of bags, accessories and scarves named L.A.R.K. To find out what Ching's making, follow her on Instagram